Mini leasing

Looking for a flexible alternative to a traditional rental or lease agreement? 

If so, we've got the product for you - Budget Minileasing is our flexible, simple and low cost long-term car rental product.

Budget Minileasing is ideal if you want to hire a car for a longer period, but don't want the costs of ownership or ties of a traditional lease. With Budget Minileasing, you're free to rent your car for as long as you like. 

Flexible - Budget Minileasing
In a constantly changing world - the ability to plan for both the long and short term is becoming ever more difficult. With Budget Minileasing - we are able to meet these requirements by arranging cars for any period from 30 days and up to 12 months.

Simple - Budget Minileasing
The Budget Minileasing product is the future of car rental. Let us doing our job so you can do yours. For your peace of mind, Budget is a reasonable solution. Budget Minileasing is a full-service product with almost all expenses included in the low monthly payment. However expenses to fuel, carwash and special equipment is not included. 

Low cost - Budget Minileasing
With a low deposit, flexible term, no long term commitments and low monthly payments our service is ideal for employees on temporary contracts, or for those who just fancy a new vehicle once or twice a year.
Budget Minileasing is favorably compared to most leasing companies and there's no deposit required and no maintenance charges. 

Our goal is simply to provide you a cost effective alternative to long-term leasing or buying, saving you or your business unwanted expenses. 

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