Panalex A.D. Belgrade (Budget rent a car Licensee), hereinafter referred to as the Lessor, rents a vehicle to the Lessee, hereinafter referred to as the Lessee, whose information is stated on the first page of the Vehicle Rental Agreement, under the following conditions:

  1. The Lessee signs the Vehicle Rental Agreement in person and thereby agrees and accepts all provisions of the agreement:
  2. all prices and other rental conditions are specified in the current price list
  3. to be at least 21 years old for rental categories from A/MDMR to E/EWMR, and to have a driver’s license for at least 2 years
  4. to be at least 23 years old for rental categories K/CDMR to U/IWMR and to have a driver’s license for at least 3 years
  5. to be at least 25 years old for rental categories J/SCMR to F/XFAR and to have a driver’s license for at least 5 years
  6. the vehicle is rented in good condition with all mandatory equipment and documents
  7. to return the rented vehicle within the agreed period or earlier at the Lessor’s request
  8. to request the Lessor’s consent to extend the agreed period of use of the vehicle 48 hours before the agreed time for returning the vehicle
  9. to immediately stop driving if the odometer breaks down during use and notifies the Lessor of the odometer breakdown as soon as possible
  10. to pay the calculated amount of 1.000 kilometers for each day of vehicle use if upon returning the vehicle the odometer had been damaged
  11. to properly maintain and store the vehicle during use
  12. NOT to use the rented vehicle under the influence of alcohol or drugs, for illegal purposes, for driver training, for transporting passengers or goods in commercial purposes, for transporting or towing other vehicles, trailers or their parts, for participating in motor sports events, or to rent or lend it to a third party
  13. to drive the vehicle himself/herself or by a person authorized in the Rental Agreement, provided that the authorized person is at least 21 to 25 years old, has a valid driver’s license and is registered as the Second Driver on the Rental Agreement,
  14. NOT to load the vehicle with persons or objects beyond the permitted carrying capacity
  15. NOT to use the rented vehicle abroad without the Lessor’s consent
  16. will NOT make any changes to parts, assemblies or devices on the vehicle without the Lessor’s consent
  17. will bear the costs of the gasoline used
  • Penalty for loss of vehicle manufacturer’s warranty

The Lessor strictly respects the service intervals of vehicle manufacturers. Failure to comply with them will result in the loss of the vehicle’s warranty.

The Lessee is obliged to inform the rental office immediately and without delay if ANY warning light is lit on the control display or on-board computer in the rented vehicle. If the Lessee ignores this warning and does not report to the nearest rental office, he will bear the full penalty due to the loss of the manufacturer’s warranty of the rented vehicle.

  • Any case of the Lessee’s non-compliance with the conditions stated in Article 1 will allow the Lessor to charge the Lessee for ANY and ALL damages that may arise from this up to the amont determined by the Lessor.
  • The Lessor will reimburse the Lessee costs of oil and regular vehicle maintenance prescribed by the vehicle manufacturer upon presentation of the paid items (except the costs of vehicle washing during use).
  • The Lessee is obliged to pay a deposit when renting a vehicle. The deposit is made exclusively through pre-authorization on one of the Lessee’s credit/charge cards (Visa, Master Card, American Express). The amount of the deposit depends on the group of the rented vehicle and the length of the rental period.

The minimum deposit amount is 500,00 EUR (calculated in RSD).

The Lessee is obliged to pay the vehicle rental’s total costs on vehicle return, i.e. at the end of the rental.

**The Lessor does not accept debit cards for deposit purposes. The amount reserved on your account for the purpose of deposit will not be available to you. The Lessor will release your funds upon vehicle return at the end of the rental. Please have in mind that it may take some time for the bank to process the unblocking of your money and that the Lessor can not be held reponsible for that period.

  • The Lessee is obliged to pay all fines and traffic violations that occurred due to improper use of the vehicle, including fines for illegal parking that occurred during the duration of the Rental Agreement.
  • Young driver’s surcharge of 10.00 EUR + VAT per rental day, up to a maximum of 50.00 EUR+VAT for the full rental is paid by the drivers from 21 to 25 years of age.

Senior driver’s surcharge of 10.00 EUR+VAT per day of rental, up to a maximum of 50.00 EUR+VAT for the full rental is paid by the drivers from 70 to 75 years of age.

  • The rental price includes Third Party Liability coverage – damages to third parties in case of the traffic accident up to the limit defined by the State law.
  • The rental price does not cover following risks:
  • Damage to the rented vehicle caused by the traffic accident – in the event of a traffic accident where the rented vehicle was involved, the Lessee pays the entire damage on the rented vehicle
  • Other damages to the rented vehicle, i.e. damages in the parking lot or in traffic
  • Vehicle theft during the rental period – in case of loss or theft of the rented vehicle, the Lessee pays the value of the entire vehicle
  • Disability (partial or total) and death of the driver/passenger in the rented vehicle resulting from an accident
  1. The Lessee is responsible for damage done to the rented vehicle as well as for damage caused due to non-use, i.e. vehicle being idle for the duration of the repair. The amount of the Lessor’s financial loss caused by non-use is determined by the number of idle days, group/model of rented vehicle, the vehicle daily rental charge from the the valid price.
  1. Vehicle damage insurance (COLLISON DAMAGE WAIVER) – CDW
  2. The Lessee can waive damage responsibility by contracting additional insurance for rented vehicle’s parts or full damage in case of a traffic accident – Vehicle Damage Insurance – CDW.
  3. The Lessee can insure the vehicle for damages occured as a result of not using the rented vehicle by contracting and paying Vehicle Damage Insurance – CDW.
  4. All vehicle damages, regardless they occurred in a traffic accident or not, must be reported. The Lessee must call the Police and report the accident/vehicle damage immediately after the accident/damage and wait for the Police to make an official Police report. Also, the Lessee must make a separate Accident Report at the Lessor’s office.
  5. The Lessee will be charged with the full amount of the damage if the traffic accident/vehicle damage is not reported to the Police authorities, even if he contracted the CDW.
  6. In the event of vehicle damage, the Lessee will pay a Damage Processing Fee in the amount of 25.00 EUR+VAT, per damage.
  1.  Vehicle theft/loss protection insurance – THW
  2. The Lessee can can waive the rented vehicle’s theft/total loss responsibility by contracting and paying the Vehicle theft/loss Insurance.
  3. The Lessee must immediately, without any delay, report the vehicle theft/loss to the Lessor, call the Police from the place where the vehicle theft/loss occurred and fill out the Vehicle theft/loss report at the Lessor’s office.
  4. If the vehicle theft/loss is not reported to the Police, the Lessee pays the full amount of the value of the vehicle, eventhough his rental was covered by THW.
  5. The Lessee must provide a written statement on the Vehicle theft/loss report, eventhough his rental was covered by THW.
  6. The value of the lost vehicle is assessed according to the valid AMSS (Auto Moto Association of Serbia) catalog.
  1. INSURANCE DOES NOT APPLY and the Lessee is fully responsible for all damages on the rented vehicle if:
  2. the driver was under the influence of drugs or alcohol at the moment of accident/damage
  3. the damage is caused intentionally or due to gross negligence in driving
  4. the driver did not have a valid driver’s license at the time of accident/damage
  5. the vehicle was not locked or secured with an alarm at the time of theft
  1.  In the event of the accident the Lessee shall protect the Lessor’s and his Insurance Company interests as follows:
  2. will record the names and addresses of participants and witnesses of the accident
  3. will not leave the damaged vehicle until it has been removed from the accident scene and secured
  4. in case of severe vehicle damage or people injury in the accident (even when the fault of other persons is obvious) the Lessee will immediately call and wait for the arrival of the Police and ambulance
  5. will submit a written report about the accident in the nearest Lessor’s office
  1.  If the Lessee fails to fulfill all the conditions specified in article 11, 12, 13 and 14 in the event of an accident, he will be responsible for all the consequences and damages that the Lessor would suffer from that failure-
  1. Personal accident insurance – PAI
  2. The Lessee can contract additional Personal accident insurance for disability or death of some or all passengers, excluding the driver of the rented vehicle up to the number of registered seats in the vehicle.
  3. PAI is not valid if the Lessee drives under the influence of alcohol, drugs or recklessly
  1. The Lessor will not compensate the Lessee for the loss or damage of personal luggage and goods that are in/on the rented vehicle.
  1. The Lessor will not compensate the Lessee for damages caused by: any breakdown of the vehicle during use and/or delay in the delivery of the vehicle.
  1. Any changes to Rental Agreement are valid only if confirmed in writing by both contracting parties.
  1. If the Lessee pays the rental charges with a credit/charge card, by signing the Rental Agreement he authorizes the Lessor to invoice the total rental expenses to the card’s issuer – credit club or bank.
  1. Both contracting parties, the Lessor and the Lessee agree to the jurisdiction of the court in Belgrade in the event of any dispute arising from the Rental Agreement.
  • The Lessor, as a personal data handler, hereby informs the Lessee about the processing of his personal information. The Lessor processes personal data for the purpose of achieving legitimate goals and within the scope necessary to fulfill obligations provided by applicable regulations, contractual obligations, and in order to provide services to the client. The Lessor uses personal data to perform its activities, in a manner and in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act. The Lessor may provide personal data to certain legal entities and/or persons or state authorities (Police, Court). Possible users of personal data submitted by the client are regulatory bodies and state authorities to which the Lessor is obliged to submit data in accordance with the law. The Lessor collects and processes personal data in accordance with the law and voluntary consent of the client.

By signing the Rental Agreement, the Lessee confirms that the Lessor, as a personal data handler, previously informed him of the rules and principles of personal data processing, and that he understood them. Based on the above, the Lessee gives voluntary consent that the Lessor can process the Lessee’s personal data, in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act.

  •  All prices in the Lessor’s price lists are stated in EUR. Calculation for pre-authorization and other payments is done in RSD at the sales rate of the Lessor’s commercial bank.